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Cromgard Pricing Stays Stable

04/18/2006 12:00 AM

Cromgard, supplied by AUM, continues to prove itself as the low cost stainless steel option, against grades like 304 and 304L.

Every month in 2006, all of the major stainless steel producers in the USA have announced base price increases of their 300 series grades such as 304 and 304L. Typically these increase have been between 3 and 6 percent, but in some case have been as high as 9 percent.

As well as increasing base price, surcharges for grade 304L has increased in the order of 10 c/lb between January and April.

Now more than ever, Cromgard (utility stainless steel) has shown itself to be the cost stable alternative to 304 and 304L when it comes to fighting corrosion.

Cromgard, which is sold without surcharge being applied, has held the same base price since the beginning of 2005. This also compares favourably with carbon steel grades which too have seen prices more than double over the last 18 months, and too have become subject to surcharging.

In industrial applications such as power, coal, bus & coach, fire truck and electronic enclosures, Cromgard has proven itself as the cost stable option, with prices varying by no more than ±10% over the last ten years, while in the same period of time grade 304 has varied by over 60-70%.

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