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Cromgard Goes to the Hogs

03/18/2008 12:00 AM

Four years ago Lionel Anderson faced a challenge with his part-time hobby of hog farming. His feeders, which were constructed of plain painted steel were not very sturdy and were being easily knocked around by the large animals. “The hogs would push them over,” explained Anderson, “ And food would be spilt across the pen making it more difficult for the hogs to eat, in addition to exposing them to the ingestion of undesirable matter.

Luckily, Anderson is the owner of a steel fabrication shop and had become familiar with American Utility Metals’ product, Cromgard. This utility stainless steel turned out to be the solution he was looking for. Anderson collected scraps of Cromgard and welded two feeders out of the material, “I had seen the way it [Cromgard] performed in various applications over the years,” he explained. “It’s strong, durable and has some weight to it, which keeps the feeders from being knocked around. Plus, it was very easy to weld.” Anderson also noted Cromgard’s anticorrosion properties and the probability of a long lifespan. “With Cromgard, these feeders will last the rest of my life and I’ll never have to replace them. Before, I was lucky to get four or five years out of them. I can’t imagine a full-time hog farm. They must be replacing feeders constantly.

Besides being dependable and long-lasting, the feeders were constructed for a relatively low price—especially when one takes into account the years of usage. In total, Anderson estimates that he spent approximately $100 to construct both of the four-foot feeders. Four years later, the feeders, which are exposed to the elements 24/7, look as good as new. And that means more satisfied Cromgard customers. This time, it just so happens to be a human and his hogs. 

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