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Utility Company Chooses Cromgard for RotoClone Dust Collector

03/18/2012 12:00 AM

American Utility Metals is working with a large southwest utility company to help supply Cromgard in the construction of their new RotoClone dust collection equipment. The RotoClone cleans the air by the combined action of centrifugal force and a thorough intermixing of water and dust-laden air. For highly corrosive conditions like a coal plant, the machines can be fabricated of stainless steel or lined with coal-tar epoxy. The utility company requested their supplier construct six new RotoClones utilizing AUM’s Cromgard Utility Stainless. “Cromgard is economically better and has better strength and wear resistance,” a utility company representative stated. “We’ve had it in service for over two years in our coal handling systems and for even longer in some high temperature areas, so we feel confident it will work with our RotoClone equipment.” He went on to state further that American Utility Metals had helped tremendously in working with the supplier to make sure they were able to use the Cromgard effectively. “A team from AUM actually went on-site to personally show our fabricator how to work with the material in terms of welding, cutting, forming and how to avoid contamination,” he said. “I was impressed by that extra service, because we don’t always get that from a lot of OEM’s.” The RotoClones are expected to be in place at the utility company by early fall. AUM plans to keep customers updated on their performance. 

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