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Introducing Our New Shear

07/20/2009 12:00 AM

American Utility Processing Introduces New Shear with Up to 3/8” Plate Cutting Capabilities 

American Utility Processing, a division of American Utility Metals, now features a new shear with the ability to cut up to 3/8” plate further solidifying our position as the industry’s premier coil leveler. Our unique in-line stretch leveling process allows us to correct flatness variances in coils that are not commercially acceptable due to camber, edge wave, oil canning, cross bow, coil breaks and other defects. 

Our 65’ bed length enables us to catch a wide range of surface imperfections that other roller levelers may never see. Our line enables fast correction to primary or secondary coils on an as-needed basis prior to cutting/sheeting to length. When a defect is detected, we have the option to either correct the problem through stretch leveling or mark and cut out the flaws at the shear. Our specs are as follows: 

Coil Specs
Coil Specs: min 28” wide max 98”
OD: min 30” max 78”
ID: min 20” max 24”
Max Weight: 40,000 lbs
Thickness Range: .080 to .375

Cutting and Stretching Specs
Stretch and Leveled: min 6’ max 53’ length
Non-stretched and leveled: min 2’ max 54’ length

Our Flatness Tolerances for wide and long sheets are the highest in the industry. Industries served include rail, marine, trailer, and aerospace. 

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