Rebranding FAQs

Rebranding FAQs

Is Crompion International part of American Utility Metals?

American Utility Metals is no longer in existence; it has changed its name to Crompion International, which has taken its place in the marketing, stocking and technical support of Cromgard stainless steel. Additionally Crompion is reaching out further internationally and adding new lines of Cromgard steels, products and services.

Why are you rebranding the company and changing the name?

Our rebranding of American Utility Metals is in direct response to the evolution of our company over the past 12 years, from being strictly a supplier of low-nickel, stainless steels to being a company whose primary focus is offering solutions for our customers to achieve their operational and financial goals. 

We wanted to embrace this evolution publicly by renaming our company Crompion International, a name which we felt communicated that we are not the same company we were 12 years ago – we’ve gotten better at creating solutions and meeting needs for our customers across the country and around the globe.

What is the new name of the company and where did the name come from?

Our new company name is: Crompion (krom-pee-un) International. For years, we have been champions of our flagship Cromgard C12 product. Thus, in choosing our new company name, we fused together the words “Cromgard” and “Champion” to create Crompion International, a name which pays homage to our history and our future as an international leader in the specialty stainless steels market.

Do you have a new tagline?

“Specialty Stainless Solutions for the Next Generation”

Were you bought out?

No. We are the same company that has evolved for the better and continues to do so every day.

Is the company being run under new management?

No. Crompion International is being run by the same dedicated team that has served in the specialty stainless steels industry for 12 years. George M. Schaffer continues to lead this company as Founder and President.

When will the name change take place?

We officially changed our name to Crompion International on November 1, 2012.

What specific changes have taken or will take place at the company?

Crompion International will continue to be supported by our knowledgeable professional staff; however, we will evolve in several ways:

Solutions Offerings: We are moving from being simply a commodity supplier to being a company whose primary focus is working with our customers and partners to determine the best applications of our products in their industry.

R & D: Through strategic partnerships and in-house fabrication capacity, Crompion International will develop innovative products that enhance the respective industries in which it works.

Products and Services: We are no longer solely supplying a product. We are building out our suite of services to offer new products to our customers and new services such as Design, Fabrication, Processing, and Engineering Consulting.

Expert Team: In addition to our expert team of industry sales professionals, we have brought on experienced metallurgists who will provide our partners and customers with ongoing technical application guidance and resources.

Has the company moved offices and changed its contact information?

No. Crompion International continues to be located at:

Crompion International
341 Third Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70801

The Crompion International P.O. Box will remain:

Crompion International
P.O. Box 3296
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3296

While our email addresses and website have changed, our phone numbers and fax numbers have remained the same:

Telephone: 225-343-4219
Fax: 225.343.6033

Will there be a delay in product service during the transition?

No. Crompion International will continue to provide timely delivery of our products during this brand transition.

How will my ordering process change?

It will not change. We will accept orders under the same processes. The only change will be that all new orders should be made to Crompion International. We will provide you with the necessary forms and documents to fulfill your internal needs.

How quickly can I receive the new services offered by Crompion International?

Immediately. Please call us to discuss our service offerings and allow our expert metallurgists on staff to work with you on the best applications of our products or new products that may enhance your operational success.